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Enter your DMAF assigned username/password in the text boxes in the left border of the page. If you have already changed your user information, use that information instead.

Make sure you have cookies enabled on your browser. The site will place an encrypted cookie on your machine with your sessionID and username/password HASH. This cookie will be removed when you log out.

Click the "Remember Me" Box if you would like the site to remember you. Your authentication cookie will expire in 1 year or the next time you click "Log Out". If you do not check the "Remember Me" Box, your session will time out after 20 minutes of inactivity. You will be required to log in again at this time. If you remain active, the site will keep your session alive.

Click the small button which looks like an arrow next the the phrase "Log In". You should see a welcome screen.

Forgotten Password
If you have forgotten your password. Enter the email address which you used for your login name and press the button next to "Email Password" on the login to the left of the page. Your password will be emailed to you.

Supported Browsers
This login form has been tested on the latest version of IE and Netscape on all PC versions, as well as older version of IE, Mozilla and Netscape on Mac OS 9. If you are unable to login and use a browser that isn't listed here. Please click here and report it.

Additional Help
If you require any additional help with the authentication process, click here to email for assitance.
How Voting Works!
PHASE I - Submission
PHASE II - Nominations
PHASE III - Final Ballot

Nominating & Voting
Who is eligible to vote?
How do I register?
How do I nominate?
How do I vote?

Information Submission
How do I submit my release?
How do I submit my band?
What can I submit?
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