The submission phase is designed to build a list of choices to assist current (or newly registered) Detroit Music Awards voters when casting their votes on the online Nomination Ballot during PHASE II of the online voting process. ONLY REGISTERED DMA VOTERS can enter the names of all eligible recordings, artists, bands, etc. to be considered as possible choices within a field during PHASE I. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOUR SUBMISSIONS ARE IN BY MIDNIGHT ON JANUARY 22 - OR THEY WILL NOT BE LISTED ON THE PHASE II BALLOT!!!

Registration is required to add names and recordings during the Submission Phase; you are allowed to enter UP TO FIVE names and recordings in each category during the Submission Phase. PLEASE DO NOT DUPLICATE ANY ENTRIES!!! Bands/Acts can be submitted in only one (1) field. Individual musicians can be submitted in Instrumentalist, Vocalist and Songwriter categories in two (2) fields only. The Detroit Music Awards Foundation (DMAF) reserves the right to make the final determination for appropriate category classifications.

Submitting names or recordings during this phase does NOT nominate the Artist, Group or Recording for the Final Ballot.

Names eligible to be considered as choices must have a connection, or perform a body of work, primarily in the Detroit metro area, which, for our purposes, stretches as far north as Flint, as far west as metropolitan Ann Arbor, as far south as the Ohio border, and as far east as the Detroit River and Lake St. Clair.

Recordings eligible for the 2017 Detroit Music Awards to be considered as choices must have been released between December 1, 2015 and November 30, 2016. Recordings need to be available for purchase to the public via gigs, internet sales, downloads and record stores between those dates.

PHASE I Submissions are NOW CLOSED!
Stay Tuned for PHASE II.

Does my band need to submit a recording to be eligible?
No. Only your release information is necessary. During the submission phase ("Phase One"), please submit name of band, name of recording, release date and category in which it should be considered. The DMAF compiles a list of eligible recordings each year that is as comprehensive as possible. We include this list with the ballot as a helpful tool for voters, but recordings not included on the list are still eligible for nomination by voters.
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